Team Lightning


2006 brought a new look to BRTC as we formed the first ever “Team.” These are performers who have made an extra time commitment and desire to work on showmanship.  Our first Team consisted of 12 performers. Our first performance as a Team was for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC.      


Team participation requires a six-month commitment to both practices and performances. If you are currently a BRTC performer and aspire to join Team Lightning, we’d love to have you! Just have a chat with Mary about the commitment and things you might need to work on. 


My wife Goldie and I live here in Richmond, VA, and were visiting a good friend in Goode, VA this past weekend.  We mainly came to visit him in order to go to the Batteau Festival and see our friends "The Taters."  We never expected to see such fine clogging as you folks did.  When we last saw anything like this, it was at Busch Gardens and it was Irish.  They weren't as good though. 
Charles & Goldie
Richmond, VA

Congrats on the Spirit Award!
I couldn't think of a better team.
You guys are always so great.
I really enjoy seeing you perform.
I know you guys don't compete except for Orange but take my word for it...
if you would be unstoppable.
I have only seen one other team perform and compete with the energy that BRTC has and they are National Champions.
I kid you not! You guys are great!

Dorothy Stephenson
Sundance Express and
New Team sessions begin in March and September!