Our Beloved Instructor

 Our very own Mary...

Did you know that Mary turned down a marriage proposal in Ireland? Or that she could legitimately have dual citizenship (Ireland and U.S.)? Did you know that she is a passionate gardener and considers ice cream her biggest weakness in life?


Mary was born in Glasgow (Montana not Scotland). She is one of four children and goes home every Christmas to be with her family. Mary attended Eastern Montana College (or as she likes
to say - E=MC2) and graduated with a degree in math. She is a computer programmer for SAIC and loves the work she does.
 Mary has clogged for 30 years and taught at workshops across the country for nearly that long.  She has choreographed scores of routines and taught well over 400 students how to clog.

 Every year, Mary lovingly tends to her vegetable and rose gardens. She follows in her mother’s gardening boots and they exchange gardening tips, victories and struggles, but she’s quick to point out that she does not share her mother’s tolerance of snakes!

Mary plays guitar, collects CDs (she has over 700!) and has two cats.

Mary’s parents are of direct Irish descent. Her father was first generation Irish-American, entitling her to Irish citizenship.

On our 2005 trip to Ireland, Mary turned down a marriage proposal from Mick (the Liar) – her jarvey (jaunting cart driver). She has commented privately that she would prefer a man with more teeth…