Intermediate Instruction - Tuesdays 7-9:15 PM

On Tuesday nights, we meet to practice BRTC’s performance routines and learn new routines. These routines are taught at an intermediate level. A new routine is taught just about once per quarter. 

The plan for the evening goes like this:

7:15-7:30     Warm Up

7:30-8:00    Performance Routines

8:00-9:00    Performance Routines  & New teaches

9:00-9:15    Requests

This is a guideline, not a strict schedule.  Please allow for some flexibility at the instructor’s prerogative.

On the first Tuesday of each month, we celebrate birthdays.  This is a brief party with refreshments provided.  It is usually at 8:00 and then we go back to dancing:-)


BRTC Schedule

Tuesday Evenings

6-7:15 Performance


7:15-9:15 Group Practice

Thursday Evenings

7-8 Beginner Class

8-9:15 Team

Videos to help you practice:

Buck Basic (heels)

Buck Basic (toes/heels)

Buck Joey

Buck Triple

Intermediate Steps Online

Buck Fancy